Have a Great IDEA...
But Not Sure What To Do Next?

Learn the exact steps to take to invent, protect and license your idea like a PRO with Lisa Lloyd, Shark Tank winner and 8x licensor!


Ninja Inventor is the ULTIMATE course for beginners that was designed to meet you where you're at, and teach you what you don't even know to ask yet!


Or pay in 3 installments of $66

You could spend 100's of hours scouring the internet to learn how to invent, protect, and license your BIG idea, or worse, 10's of thousands of $$$ on ineffective services with little to no results.

Or, you can take matters into your own hands and save all that time and money with a PROVEN process to invent products that make people say "WOW I wish I thought of that", protect them properly, and get them in front of the RIGHT people at the RIGHT companies, to pitch like a PRO for license!

"Between the course and your 1:1 call with me, I'm so confident you'll learn the exact steps to take that I'm offering a MONEY BACK guarantee!"
~Lisa Lloyd

So, the question is, do you want to learn the hard and expensive way, or would you rather CUT THE LEARNING CURVE, and SAVE TIME AND MONEY with a PROVEN PROCESS, EXPERT COACH, and ALL THE TOOLS AND RESOURCES at your fingertips EVERY STEP OF THE WAY?

Ninja Inventor, Lisa Lloyd, has more than 30 years experience as a successful inventor with 8 products licensed generating more than $30M in revenue. She is a Faculty Venture Mentor for the ASU Venture Devil Program and has appeared on countless stages, TV, radio, and print publications offering her priceless pearls of wisdom to audiences around the world. And for the FIRST TIME EVER, you can learn her proprietary tricks/hacks in this brand new course, Ninja Inventor!

"Are you ready to become a Ninja Inventor? Then, start that journey with me, I can't wait to work with you!"
~Lisa Lloyd

Only 198!

Or pay in 3 installments of $66

What You'll Learn In This Course:

Invent "WOW" Products

Unleash your creative potential on a shoestring budget! 

  • Everyone "thinks" they have a great idea, but it's ALWAYS risky. Learn how to validate your ideas to feel confident about moving forward with them.
  • Learn how to build prototypes AT HOME with little to NO money!
  • Learn how to achieve the "WOW Factor" with enough meaningful value that it's irresistible to license.

Protect Your Ideas!

Learn how to navigate the complex world of intellectual property protection. 

  • Understand the difference between Patents, Copyrights & Trademarks, and when/why to use each of them.
  • Learn what companies will be looking for in your patent.
  • How to file your own patent or save money hiring pros with special Ninja discounts.

Pitch Like a PRO for License!

When it comes time to present and negotiate, you'll feel like a Ninja Warrior!

  • How to find and connect with the RIGHT people at the RIGHT companies to license.
  • How to craft results-driven Marketing.
  • The most SIMPLE process for presenting like a pro...no matter how scared you are to sell!

See what this "Shark" had to say about Lisa on ABC's "Beyond The Tank"


What Is Included:

Over 40 Value Packed Video Tutorials

These comprehensive lessons will guide you through each step of the same simple stage-gate process Lisa used to license 8  products and generate over $30M in sales. 

Ninja Tools & Resources

All the tools and resources you'll need are conveniently organized for you, including easy-to-edit templates for sell sheets, sample scripts, storyboards, licensing contracts, and so much more!

1:1 w/Lisa Lloyd


When you complete the course you'll receive a FREE 1 hour consultation with Lisa to help answer any remaining questions and build your custom roadmap for licensing.

This offer is worth more than the introductory price of the course alone!

BONUS: More Ways To Save

We all need a little help sometimes, so we've got you covered there too! When you need it most, you'll save THOUSANDS using our special Ninja discounts on highly qualified professional services like patents, engineering, or prototyping.

Only 198!

Or pay in 3 installments of $66

Who This Course Is For

  • You are a self-starter, driven by the desire to take action and turn ideas into reality.
  • You have limited funds available and need effective strategies to work within your budget.
  • You highly prioritize your time and are seeking ways to minimize the learning curve from someone you trust.
  • You recognize the immense value of Lisa's 30 years of experience and are eager to learn her proven stage-gate process.

Who This Course Is NOT For

  • You lack the time or discipline to allocate for learning and implementing the strategies taught in this course.
  • You have the financial means and prefer to hire someone to do it all for you.
  • You prefer to go the free route scouring the internet and stitching all the answers together for yourself. 
  • You are not prepared to spend $198 (with money-back guarantee) to invest in yourself and your ideas

Only 198!

Or pay in 3 installments of $66


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access to the course sound?
And, that includes ALL updates!

Do I need to know what I want to invent before I invest?

Absolutely not! This course is perfect for anyone who has an idea or MANY and will help you to know which are worth taking action on.

What if I already have a product and am ready to license?

That's great, congratulations! Assuming you have done all that is necessary to invent a WOW product and have protected it properly, all you need now is the proper marketing. Ninja Inventor will help shore up any loose ends and teach you how to pitch like a pro for license. 

What kind of products will it work for?

This is ideal for anyone with a physical product that would sell in retail stores of any type. It is not suited for high tech such as software/algorithms, fuel cells, etc.

How long is the course?

Ninja Inventor is approximately 5 hours of bite-size (5-10 min.) lessons that are direct and to the point with everything you need to immediately take action on your ideas!

Is there a Guarantee?

Absolutely. We have a 14-day unconditional money-back guarantee! 
(Less a $15 processing fee)

Only 198!

Or pay in 3 installments of $66

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